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     Let Bruce Balent and his team be your expert advisors for all your software, information technology, web, Internet, process improvement and product development needs.  Bruce is available to provide help and advise on a regular or as-needed basis. 

      Bruce has over 20 years of experience and success in all areas of information technology, including: software development, networking, management information systems, data center operations, project management, strategic planning, budgeting, requirement analysis, system architecture and design.  He also as experience in a variety of industries: web services, aerospace, software development, higher education, supply chain management, workflow management, new product development, depot-level maintenance, motorsports, event planning, print and broadcast advertising, personal services. 


      We also have other consultants and consulting relationships to meet your other business needs, including:

  • Retail marketing and merchandising

  • Process improvement

  • Accounting

  • Content development and publishing

  • Order fulfillment

  • Technical writing

      Because we don't represent any particular products, you can be confident that the advise we provide is impartial, objective, and the best recommendation to meet your particular needs. 

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