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     Our chief architect and software engineer, Bruce Balent, M.S., is an expert at iterative, rapid application development, having developed one of the first such methodologies.  Using an iterative methodology combined with close client involvement and short analysis-design-development-deploy cycles, he's able to significantly shrink development times.  He often delivers to clients an initial operating capability in a tenth of the time of off-shore programmers while delivering systems that better meet current user requirements at a lower total cost of ownership.

  •   Bruce is an accomplished experts in the following phases of the software development lifecycle:


    •  Problem Identification: accurately identifying the real problem (not the symptoms) you're trying to solve

    •  Requirements Analysis: comprehensively analyzing what are the requirements of a satisfactory solution to the problem at hand

    •  Solution Identification: identifying all the technically feasible and economically affordable solutions

    •  Solution Recommendation: recommending the "optimal" solution (i.e. the one which best meets all the requirements, including: price, functionality, usability, etc.)

    •  Specification: clearly and unambiguously specifying what the software or system is to do so that it meets the requirements and solves the problem.

    •   Implementation: This includes: 

      •   Writing the software (i.e. programming); 

      •   Developing the online help system;

      •   Writing the user manuals and program documentation; and 

      •   Providing user training.

  • User Interfaces.  Bruce is also an expert at designing and developing user interfaces for both software and associated hardware that are truly:

    • Intuitive

    • Logical

    • Easy to use

    which means less training, a faster adoption rate, less technical support, and thus, a lower total cost of ownership.

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